It's a Cartoon Show!

Chandler’s dilemma is solved when his boss offers him more money, so so much for the relatability thing.

On this episode of Friends, Chandler considers quitting his lame-ass temp job because he’s being considered for a promotion, and I find myself relating to Friends more than ever before.

Were the 90s real or was my childhood just one long fever dream?

I’m going to lie awake tonight pondering the stars that had to align for this movie to exist.

Space Jam is on TV, so I guess that’s my sewing background noise.

Everyone wants to be Batman, but everyone should be Captain America.
Okay that’s enough Jojo Saturday

Final thoughts: 

I miss evil!Kakyoin’s use of art-supplies-as-visual metaphor. 

Also, I love that even the opening can’t decide what color his hair is.

Also Also, I’m going to assume that those effects during Jotaro’s “I’ll be the one to judge you!” speech are from his hat achieving 100% synchronization with his hair.






Thank you.